3 day Introductory Course ● Paragliding or Paramotoring

Our 3 day introductory course will give you a glimpse into the exciting sport of Powered Paragliding, also known as Paramotoring. With 3 intensive days of training, and instruction, you will gain the skills necessary, to learn what it takes to become a pilot.

You will become familiar with the gear, and learn how to “kite” the wing, which is the foundation of safely launching, flying, and landing a paramotor.

After completion of the training course, we will discuss what further training is needed to take to the air, and become a pilot.

Flight training, requires a Paramotor, an appropriate wing, reserve parachute, and other safety gear, such as a helmet, and eye protection. You can rent gear, if available, but it is recommended that you fly your gear. Ask your instructor, for availability.

If you decide that this sport IS for you, then we will apply your Intro Course fees toward our complete training course, that will transform you into a Paramotor pilot, that will be capable of launching, flying, and landing, without the need for instructor supervision.

The Introductory Course offers an amazing insight to the world of Powered Paragliding, that will take you to the skies, in a way that only a short time ago could only be dreamed of!

For more information, or to schedule a training course, you can contact us HERE

Pilot Training Course Options