3 Day Refresher Clinic

The 3 Day Refresher Clinic is designed, to restore, and, or, boost the confidence, of the Pilot, that has not flown for a while, or is a bit sketchy, with launches, and, or, landings. We will work with you, for 3 days, to identify problems, with your launch, and landing procedures, and discuss flight theory, for those areas. We will strive for 10, or more, launches, and landings per day, and work with you to “dial in” your skills, to restore your confidence, and enhance your level of safety.

If you frequently blow launches, have harder landings, than you should, or if you are having difficulty identifying problems, in these areas, like oscillations, pitch, and roll control issues, etc., then this course is for you.

We will help you Identify problem, and, or dangerous habits, that you may have developed, and work with you to correct them. Over 3 days, you will renew your confidence, and restore your love, and excitement of flying paramotors!

Here is a video of Greg R Dialing in his launches, and landings, with the aid of his instructor.

Choose the “3 Day Refresher Clinic”, from the drop down menu, and then click on the yellow “Buy Now” button, which will direct you to Paypal to complete your purchase.

Come on out, and bring your flying buddy with you, to “up your game”, and fly with a higher level of skill, and safety.

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