About Us

Located in sunny Tucson, Arizona USA, Glide America offers the very finest in Powered Paragliding, or Paramotor training & instruction. We raise the standard of safety, and accessibility, Powered Paragliding, or Paramotor Training & instruction, to anyone who dreams of flying.

Mustang Mountains, Arizona

Our Mission

Glide America is dedicated to providing the very best in Powered Paragliding training and instruction, equipment, and safety, to everyone that dreams of flying. If you have the desire, and passion, we will make your dream a reality.

Our Story

Glideamerica was founded to bring a higher standard of safety, and accessibility, to anyone that has the desire to fly. We saw a great need, for quality instruction, to this sport, and made the decision to step forward, and provide that training & instruction.

We realized that Powered Paragliding, and Free Flight Paragliding are relatively unknown to the majority of people in the USA, and that quality instruction, was far too hard to find. We set out to change that, by offering Powered Paraglider training & instruction, to Tucson Arizona, and surrounding areas.

We believe that this amazing sport will grow to a level, never before seen in this great country. Tucson, Arizona, with its perfect weather, is the ideal location to explore the skies, over the incredible Sonoran Desert, and its glorious mountains.

We believe that safety is achieved through proper training & instruction, and proper progression. Experience is the best teacher, so we will simply give you the necessary skills, through expert training & instruction, to get you started, and show you how to gain experience, in a manner that is safe, fun, and exciting!

Safety is our top priority, so our program is focused heavily on knowledge, and is a skill based progression, so that when you take your first flight, you will have the necessary skills to launch, fly, and land safely. You will be excited to fly, and you will have the piece of mind, that you have the skills to safely enjoy the amazing gift of flight.

Our goal is to expand Powered Paragliding , or Paramotoring, all across America. We can do that by promoting safety, and responsible flight operations, so that we can bring the amazing gift of flight, to anyone who has the dream of flying.

Dreams of flying can, and do come true. I know, because I do it all the time.

– Eric Edmond