Crossover Training

Pilot Training Course Options

 Crossover Training

Enter Paramotoring, after you already have Paragliding experience, OR,  enter Paragliding after you already have Paramotor experience.

Crossing Over

Crossing over from Paragliding to Paramotoring is FAR easier than moving into Paramotoring from Paragliding.

This is because the art of Paragliding has a much broader skillset to become proficient, than Paramotoring does.

This is due to many factors dealing with thermic flying, and cross country considerations.

Paramotor or Powered Paragliding Training in Arizona, Southern Arizona, and Tucson,was very hard to find. was created, to raise awareness of Paragliding Training, Powered Paragliding Training, or paramotor Training, so that people from Tucson, Arizona, Southern Arizona, or areas surrounding Tucson, like Marana, AZ , Eloy,AZ , Vail, AZ , or  Benson AZ, can get quality Paragliding, and Paramotor Training.

Proper Paragliding, or Powered paragliding Training is essential to safely operate, and fly a Paraglider in “Free flight” mode, or a Powered Paraglider, or Paramotor. We offer full courses in BOTH sports, and can help you safely transition, from one, to another, in about 3-6 training days.

You can cut costs with quality used gear, but one thing that you can’t compromise on, is quality Paraglider, or Paramotor training and instruction. Your life literally depends on it.

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