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 Crossover Training

Enter Paramotoring, after you already have Paragliding experience.

Crossing Over

Crossing over, from Paragliding, to Paramotoring, is a fairly simple process. There are some technical differences, regarding launching, flying, and landing, that are of critical importance.

Making the transition, involves “unlearning” some things, and learning some new things.

The good new is, as a paraglider pilot, you already know how to control the wing, on the ground. This translates directly into Powered Paragliding.

The addition of a motor, and a throttle, adds an entirely new control input. Learning how to use that safely, and effectively, is the primary focus, of the course.

The Crossover Training course, takes about 1-2 days, of ground handling, and 1-2 days of flight training, depending on your skill level.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to confidently launch, fly, and land, without the need of instructor supervision.

You can cut costs with quality used gear, but one thing that you can’t compromise on, is quality training and instruction. Your life literally depends on it.

Open up a whole new world of flying opportunities, with Powered Paragliding, and climb thousands of feet AGL, without the need for thermals!

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