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Training Package
Landing approach after a wonderful flight

 Paramotor Training

A comprehensive

10-14 day course

that will transform you into an entry level Paramotor pilot.

Turning into a thermal

Paragliding Training 

A comprehensive

10-14 day course

that will transform you into an entry level Paraglider pilot.

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Crossover Training

Enter Paramotoring, after you already have Paragliding experience, OR,  enter Paragliding after you already have Paramotor experience.


Reverse Launch

Crossing Over

Crossing over from Paragliding to Paramotoring is FAR easier than moving into Paragliding from Paramotoring.

This is because the art of Paragliding has a much broader skillset to become proficient, than Paramotoring does.

This is due to many factors dealing with thermic flying, and cross country considerations.

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