Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you need a license to fly a Paraglider, or Paramotor?

A : A license is not required by the FAA, but you do need to comply with FAR part 103, as described by FAA regulations.

Q: How much does the equipment cost?

A: A complete paragliding "kit" including a wing, harness, helmet, reserve parachute, and misc gear runs from $2500 used - $6000 new.

Paramotor gear is a bit more due to the cost of the motor.

$4500-$7000 used, to $9000 - $12,000 New.

Q: Is Paragliding / Paramotoring dangerous?

A: Any form of aviation has inherent risks, but in this case, more than 90% of accidents involving this sport, can be attributed to pilot error, and poor decision making.

With proper training, this sport is as safe as YOU make it.

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